happy pictures!

We had a friend from high school, Zoe, take some pictures of William a couple of weeks ago. She is just starting her own photography business and if I may say so, is absolutely fabulous!!!! take a peek! thanks, Zoe!

(and she also convinced me to do some belly pics - more on that to come soon!)


still here... barely!

Well, we are still here! The due date is 15 days away and CANNOT come soon enough. On a serious note, I will not be completely at ease until we have a screaming baby in the delivery room. However, I am definitely over this whole "pregnant" bit.

We are 0 for 2 as far as our triage visits at the hospital go. I went in at 34 weeks with some very consistent, pretty strong contractions. But apparently, there were no match for modern medicine and a shot of something-or-other stopped it all and we went home.

Then this past week, I woke up Tuesday night with horrible, make-you-want-to-cry, piercing contractions. They continued regularly for an hour, so following WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD ME TO DO, I called and they said go to triage. The contractions continued, I was at 2 cm, and just assumed that Ryan would be arriving that night or early the next morning. Well, I was checked again and was still at 2 cm. The triage nurse came back in and started, "Well, the doctor feels comfortable..." and I was all excited to hear "... admit you and get this party started!". Instead it finished like this, "... sending you home." You know that movie music where it goes, "wah, wah, wah". Yeah, that is what I heard in my head. I was still contracting and could not believe it. 37 weeks, come on! Close enough, right? The nurse told us we would probably be back later that day or the next for full-on labor. That was a little better and so we went home.

And of course, as soon as we got home, everything stopped and here we are - 2 weeks to go and sooooooo ready to be finished!

There is LOTS of waddling, LOTS of swelling, and LOTS of crabbiness. However, I try not to get too whiny about it and just remember it is all in preparation to meet those 10 tiny toes and 10 tiny fingers and sweet, sweet face.
It is very different, the second time around. I have an idea of what I might feel and the anticipation is overwhelming! Can't wait to meet the beautiful boy I am already so in love with!

William has been great! He is really excited about meeting Ryan and talks about all the things he will do. He talks about being the big brother and changing all the poopy diapers by himself - and I PROMISE I did not coach him to say that! We have been trying to include him in all the baby preparations including all the clothes washing, furniture arranging, and decoration making - he is excited!

In the meantime, here is what we have been up to:

We met one of my good friends from A&M, Megan, for lunch a while back when she was passing through town with her husband, Jon, and their sweet little girl, Emma.

Then, a few weeks ago, this guy:

opened this thing for preseason

and we were there! (thanks Dad!)

we saw this crazy thing:

and this guy:

and this guy (Gig 'em!)

And of course, William and Lucy continue to bond over Sesame Street books.

Everyone say prayers for a healthy baby arriving very soon! Love to all!