To the lady who constantly invades my personal space:

To the Lady who Constantly Invades My Personal Space:

Well, it was bound to happen. Eventually, someone would have to come talk to me at my desk at work and take things a little too far. And last week it happened.

Before we go on I will admit to having a larger "sphere of personal space" than most people. I am admittedly, not a big hugger, and I WILL take a step or two backwards if I get uncomfortable as we are speaking. But what I am to describe is unacceptable, regardless of how large one's "sphere" might be.

I realize I was wearing my headphones and didn't hear you walk up behind me. I understand that you wanted to lower your voice, as not to disturb other people. But when I finally DO hear you and turn my head to find your face 2 INCHES from mine, that is not right. And the kicker... you kept your face there as the conversation continued! I literally leaned forward to try and put some distance between us, but because I was seated, I was completely trapped. I honestly have no recollection of what we talked about because I could not get past the fact that your face was so close!

I thought, perhaps, it was an isolated incident. Maybe you were just caught in an awkward situation as well. But no. You did it again this week. What gives? Are we in a secret society for which I missed my membership card? Do i give off a hard-of-hearing vibe? Please let me know because incident #3 will definitely require a forceful response.

In the spirit of giving you the benefit of the doubt, I offer these suggestions:
1. use the ever-popular shoulder tap if I am initially unresponsive... joyfully distant from my face
2. just yell. I'd rather have you make a little noise when given the choice.
3. no onions for lunch. do I need to elaborate? I thought not.

Thank you for your time and hopefully we won't need to have this conversation again.
Life of Preston


fun with Photoshop

this was my Christmas present and I am still learning, but I can't complain... I have pretty good subject matter!!

and my personal favorite :)


a little more fun!!

If you have kid, or know a kid, you have to see this site!!!! This lady makes the CUTEST superhero capes for kids.

Little Window Shoppe is doing a giveaway here if you want to sign up! I did!! They always have something fun going on!

aprons and Starbucks, oh my!!

My fun friend, Leslie, over at Stethoscopes and Stilettos, is having a fun giveaway for a cute apron and Starbucks card... go check her out!!!

(and by the way, Leslie, I'm not sure if I am cool enough to follow you any more... I just had to check the spelling of "stilettos" and of course, had to change what I had typed! sigh.)

To The Lady Who Re-Heated Fish in the Microwave...

To the Lady Who Re-Heated Fish in the Microwave... at work!,

I'll keep this short and sweet. Unless you are in the privacy of your home, there is absolutely NO GOOD REASON to reheat fish.

You say you're hungry? I have some pretzels.
You're trying to be healthy? I have pretzels.
You're trying to save $$ and bring your lunch? Again, pretzels.

This act become especially heinous when the microwave is in a kitchenette right next to a certain young, short, & fabulous gal's desk so she gets the brunt of the stench while you take your reheated fish wayyyyyy down the hall to your private office.

OK, let's recap. No fish. Thanks!

Life of Preston



the little man tried on Nick's boots when he and Em were over a couple of weeks ago. i forgot i had pictures :)

he is totally ready for A&M in these boots! Gig 'em!


slacker... again!

We had a super-fun New Year's with good friends! (and don't worry, little man was safely tucked away at GramGram's house!)

(not really sure what I am looking at here...)

Mike, Nick, & Carter (all the way from England!)

Nick & Emily, the best hostesses ever!

What would a party be without some Rock Band on the Wii?


An Open Letter

I am starting a new series of posts called "An Open Letter". Maybe I am just in a super-crabby mood lately, but sheriously! Why do people do stuff like this?!?!

Dear Lady Who Tried to Talk to Me in the Restroom at Work,

I understand that we are at work and you believe it to be a familiar environment. I understand that I am someone you have never really spoken to before and you might want to get to know me better. But please, if the stall door is closed, consider that to be a "Don't talk to me" sign.

I'll be honest. I have some pet peeves when it comes to interactions in a public restroom (and yes, even though it is at work, it is STILL a public restroom. FYI - if it has stalls, it is public!). I don't even like to hear people pee. Or have other people hear me pee for that matter. I shudder every time I have to go in that restroom. But I am never going to be a high-powered executive with their own restroom in their office, so I have to get past that.

But one thing I cannot get past is you trying to talk to me as you wash your hands. It might be okay if I was also washing my hands. But I was not. No. I was In. the. stall.

So to use a phrase popular today... "Just so you know," I do not like it when you talk to me as I pee. Please observe the stall door and what it stands for. Thank you for your time. Hopefully, we won't need to have this conversation again.

Life of Preston

my, how time flies!!!

First there was this.... 12-15-06

Then there was this... 12-15-07

Then there were these... 12-15-08 (And for the record, little man has learned to say, "cheese!")

(this is his best "watchoo lookin' at, punk!" face)


Here are some Christmas pictures:



"Martha, how was your day?"

Oh, you know, your typical sleeping-late-from-too-much-fun-on-NYE, making-a-2nd-trip-to-A-town-in-2-days, eating-black-eyed-peas, getting-in-one-last-visit-to-Panda-Express-before-the-resolution-starts, getting-smacked-in-the-eye-by-the-hubby kind of a day.

stop. what?

all you crazies can stop. it was an accident. it went down like this.

hubby watching crap on TV. i request the remote so i can change the channel. hubby throws me the remote. (pause to explain: we are too lazy to actually get up and hand the remote to each other so we throw it back and forth across the living room. hhhmmm... i sense a new resolution coming on...)
anyhoo, hubby's throw is not so good and it smacks me right on the side of my eye. yeah, it's bruised. yeah, it is really swollen.

will we get looks in public? probably. should i approach the on-lookers menacingly and give my very best gangsta "Watcha lookin' at, punk?" speech? probably not.

in hubby's defense, he started the throw in overhand then thought better of himself and switched to underhand. oh, imagine the horror...

and thanks to my girls, Emily and Leslie! Apparently, I speak Spanish all the time!!!