Thanksgiving Weekend

Hope everyone has recovered....

Here is what we did AFTER our mini-Thanksgiving on Tuesday:

(thanks, Em, for snapping that super-classy shot of me!)

Here is what I saw Thursday at my parents' house:

(oooooo, pretty!)

Friday we went to visit Grammy

We did a little of this on Saturday morning:

(and, yeah, it was cold enough for little man to wear a hat, but apparently not cold enough for mittens or gloves - mom of the year! right here!)

Finally, we ended up with a second Thanksgiving meal on Saturday. It went a little like this:

Hope your Thanksgiving was as good as a bowl of mashed potatoes!


Yeah, this is what I have chosen for my 100th post! I refuse to play the "100 facts" about me game because 1) I can't even think of that many things and 2) who really cares!

Happy Thanksgiving, again!


Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Here is a picture of a shirt I made for the little man. He wore it to school on Tuesday and for whatever reason, the turkey beak did not arrive back home in tact. oh well...

Early Turkey dinner! (and a song!)

We had a "mini-Thanksgiving" meal Tuesday night with Nick and Emily. Em brought sides and dessert and I did turkey and dressing. Let's just say that it was stressful but I am so proud of myself!! I bought a turkey breast instead of the full bird and that probably helped things. But there was seasoning, sauteeing, basting, roasting, and more! And by the way, I do NOT put my stuffing inside the turkey - it really grosses me out! I have Grammy's super-yummy recipe!

At one point, however, I ran into a peculiar situation while trying to cut the onion and celery for the dressing. Inspired by Emily's jingle writing, I decided to write my own to tell you all about it:

(tune: There's a Hole in the Bucket)

The knife is too dull, dear Michael, dear Michael

The knife is too dull, dear Michael, too dull!

So sharpen it, dear Martha, dear Martha, dear Martha
So sharpen it, dear Martha
Dear Martha, sharpen it!

With what shall I sharpen it, dear Michael, dear Michael?
With what shall I sharpen it, dear Michael, sharpen it?

With a knife sharpener dear Martha, dear Martha, dear Martha
With a knife sharpener dear Martha
Dear Martha, a knife sharpener!

But the sharpener is still in the package, dear Michael, dear Michael
But the sharpener is still in the package, dear Michael, in the package!

So open it, dear Martha, dear Martha, dear Martha
So open it, dear Martha
Dear Martha, open it!

With what shall I open it, dear Michael, dear Michael?
With what shall I open it, dear Michael, open it?

With a knife, dear Martha, dear Martha, dear Martha
With a knife, dear Martha
Dear Martha, with a knife!

But the KNIFE IS TOO DULL, dear Michael, dear Michael
The knife is too dull, dear Michael, TOO DULL!

Sheriously, this would only happen to me! I finally found a pair of scissors (the 3rd pair I tried) that could cut through the packaging on the knife sharpener - and once I got it out of the package, it worked wonderfully!


Open up the Bottle... Here comes Crazy!

Here we go again! Yeah, it's been awhile.

First submission for today.... Since when did my baby turn into an Oompa Loompa?

Second submission...

This is a caption contest! Leave your comment for what should be written for this photo.
I'll start:
"What could possibly be on TV that requires Lucy's eyes to be shielded while the little man has a full view?"



A super-fun new friend, Leslie, at Stethoscopes and Stilletos (by the way, correctly spelling the word "stethoscopes" was not an easy task for me - ha!) gave me an award! I am so honored! I am not the "typical" blogger running around leaving comments, stressing about my traffic so this came as quite a pleasant surprise! Thanks Leslie!

Taken directly from Leslie's site:

So, here are the rules to receiving the award:
1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.
3. You must include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them, and also link your five winners as well.

Now, on to the fun stuff!
Here are my 5 fabulous addictions!
1. Starbucks Gingerbread Latte (by the way, for some reason it is called GingerSnap this year - I do NOT like the little gingersnaps in the bottom of the cup so I always ask for no gingersnaps!)
2. BRAVO reality shows - Project Runway, Top Design, Rachel Zoe Project, and Real Housewives of Atlanta (and Orange County, and New York) - don't you worry, my DVR records the series!
3. NPR and PBS - nerdy stuff like that!
4. warm flour tortillas
5. stationery - I LOVE fun notecards, paper, etc. - especially anything personalized/monogrammed

I am passing this award on to:
1. Even the Nice Ones
2. Paige
3. Buzzings of a Queen Bee
4. Just a Girl
5. Stray Raisins and Other Mommy Perks

Have fun ladies!



As I am was doing some stuff for the little man's SECOND birthday party, I remembered this:
(it was made for his first birthday party and yes, I still cry whenever I watch it!)


and, I'm back!

imaginary, but not too far from realistic, conversation a couple of months ago:

other: "Martha, you just got a new job and you have been given the opportunity to go the state conference."
me: "wow! sounds fabulous! I know it is the largest state conference in the nation and should have lots of wonderful workshops and information that will help me to grow professionally. besides, it is always fun to travel, right?"
other: "that's right, Martha! And we are going to be there the whole week! Will that work with your family? I know you have a young child..."
me: "I'm sure I can work something out. This is a fabulous professional opportunity!"
[long pause...]
me: "by the way, where will this state conference be held?"
other: "Fort Worth"
me: "oh."

and that, folks, should have been ALL the information I needed to have a mental preview of what this past week was like.

in the conference's defense, I did get some good information.
but seriously! Fort Worth? In all honesty, I actually really like Fort Worth. It has a lot of history, is pretty laid back, and has a very unique culture. That is why I went there all the time when I was growing up! (we lived quite close...)

but spending 4 nights in a, shall we say, less-than-stellar motel, in a city that you already know pretty well, and having to be away from hubby and little man for that long does not a happy Martha make!

I keeping my fingers crossed for next year's exotic conference location! that's right, folks! Galveston 2009!

I'm back! and THIS is hilarious!

Well, I know you have been missing me (hi mom!). More details on my oh-so-exciting conference week later. But in the mean time, I found this: (and, please, watch the whole thing! regardless of your political views, I think it is stinkin' hilarious!)


it's here!

One of my most favorite things about fall/winter is here! The Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks is here!

mmmm, yum! get you some! like a little sip of heaven...

in demand...

Apparently, these are in demand :) More on the actual event of Trick-or-Treating later...