no, no, no, no, no!

It is supposed to 103 degrees today and tomorrow and Hobby Lobby already has Christmas decorations out!!!!!!!

I just can't deal and as much as I love Christmas and all that goes along with it, I am considering some sort of "buying Christmas stuff" boycott!


only 233 days to go!

Wow! less than a year away... do you have the fever yet?!?!


ahhh, summer!

What is happening MORE often:
  • staying up later
  • getting up later
  • swimming
  • eating popsicles and strawberry shortcake
  • watching movies
  • sunscreen
  • Sno Cones
What is happening LESS often:
  • laundry
  • cleaning
  • baths in the bathtub (kiddie pools count, right?)
  • strict bedtime routine
  • balanced meals and cooking in general (c'mon, like I was ever really Betty Crocker to begin with...)

Technically, I am working. But I mostly set my own hours, and can work as much as I want as long as my projects get finished. I take Will to school and start work around 8:00. He plays, eats lunch, and naps at school. By the time he is up from his nap and ready to go, I have already put in 7 hours and we can go play the rest of the day!!!

We are doing a weekly story time at the Plano library (which, by the way, is my favorite compared to Richardson and Garland as far as kids' stuff goes...). The kiddie pool has come in VERY handy and we play lots of cars and color!

We have officially hit the time of year known as "Hot as Hades" (seriously - it is our first week of triple digits!) so any outdoor activity that does not involve water is pretty much out. There is a splash park in Richardson that I have heard good things about - anyone out there tried it?

Happy summer everyone! Hope you don't melt!


Just to prove that is not always completely about the kid :), here is a picture of us (for real! not photoshop-ed) at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum for another wedding. My cousin Steven and his sweet wife, Kathryn, were married in downtown Fort Worth on a Saturday night and we decided to make a weekend of it! Special thanks to GramGram and Aunt Paige for taking care of you-know-who!

(The only bummer of this picture is that you can't see my super-cute, super-amazing shoes! black and white turtle shell-ish - so fun!)


highlights from our trip to Denver for Aaron and Lauren's wedding!

William and Papa at the rehearsal dinner

William and Grandmom

Will was trying to copy Mike and stick his tongue out!

Add ImageHe was saying "cheese"

This is the best shot we have of him all dressed up - he looked so cute! But as you can tell, sitting still is NOT on the list of priorities for a two-year old!


recent notes

very briefly, the past 5 weekends have included the following:
William's spring show at his school
my sweet Grammy's funeral
my cousin's wedding in Denver
a family dinner/get-together in Arlington
another cousin's wedding in Fort Worth
a weekend in Arlington with Mike's family from Tennessee
and this weekend, we are having a garage sale!
ok, breathe. more details on all this stuff later.
I know I need to do major catch-up on all our recent happenings.

In the meantime, I would like to briefly share a few things I have noticed lately:

1. there is nothing, and I mean NUH-THING, like a sunburn to turn everyone you meet into Mr./Ms. Obvious. For example, I readily admit to some poor decision-making concerning the application of sunscreen this past weekend while at the pool. I got a sunburn. I got a sunburn bad. I know this.
It is not really something you can ignore when even carrying a purse on your shoulder is painful. Nevertheless (by the way, I LOVE the word "nevertheless"), these are some of the actual comments I have received this week at work:

"Looks like someone got some sun!"
"Oh my gosh, does it hurt?"

and my personal favorite...
"You are sooooo sunburned!"
I really, really wanted to say, "Is THAT what tha
t is? Thank you so much!" But I didn't. 'Cause I'm nice like that.

2. What is it about a preggers girl that causes all around her to loose any respect they might have for the aforementioned (another favorite word) preggers girl's personal space?
I literally did a Karate Kid-style "wax-on, wax-off" move to block a lady's hand as she reached out to touch my belly. It was totally instinctive - I didn't even know what I was doing until I had done it.

So, I plan on starting an official Mr. Miyagi-inspired train
ing course for all preggers girls out there to ward off uninvited belly touches. Really, any of the moves would work: wax on/wax off, paint the fence, and sand the deck.

More to come, especially some pictures :)

One last note: my belly is already huge (at least it feels that way!). My hip joints and hamstrings ache all the time from the sudden appearance of a beach ball on my front! But that is exactly the way I want to be!! All I really care about is that we get a full term, big, fat baby :)