continuing with the list

he bought me this:
olympic shirt

he tried to find me this:
but they were $90 (that is a RIDICULOUS price for a hat!) and all sold out – but he tried, he really tried!!

love you!


4 month check-up for R on Friday:

over the whole RSV thing – all looks great!

weight – 15lbs 8 oz.!!!! believe it or not, this only puts him in the 75th percentile

height – 25 inches, 50th percentile

head – forgot the #, but in the 75th percentile

drools constantly. always smiling and laughing. can put his fist completely in his mouth. sleeping ~10 hours at night. 2 naps a day

sweet, sweet boy – love you!


just an eency, weency bit…

… don’t get me wrong! I adore my boys and know I was definitely cut out to be a “boy mom”. pink and frills and sooooo not me. However, there are a certain few things that make me wish just a teeny, tiny, eency, weency bit that I had a little girl.




love them. wish they came in my size.


4 months

Frank Sinatra has NOTHIN’ on this kiddo. Ryan is the new face of “ol’ blue eyes”

2-a with text








the outtake: he had just finished eating (apparently, quite a large meal for such a little guy…)

it’s february. in texas.

we are supposed to be wearing shorts and flip-flops by now! seriously! really doesn’t do much for the whole global warming argument, huh?




(Lucy was not impressed.)

snowman. take one. 

all Will wanted to do was throw snowballs at Mike.  

snowman. take two.


little snowman for Ryan who was inside the whole time 



doesn’t everyone have leftover branches form their Christmas tree still in their garage available for snowman arms in February? and doesn’t everyone have shape sorter blocks in a ziploc bag just begging to be used as snowmen eyes and ears? 



one ticket to Canton, please

It’s official. he’s in. I’ve been browsing here. On Saturday, August 7th, you’ll find me here.

“Hey Martha, I’ll be looking for you in Canton!”emmitt5

Okay, Emmitt. I’ll be there.


#323 and counting!

I am working on a list. partly for mike - to let him know how much he is loved. and partly for me – to remind me how blessed I am and to never, ever take anything for granted!

Reason #323 can be summed up in one word:


exhibit #1, as seen in the previous post
wolf hat

exhibit #2, as seen in the previous post

my two beautiful boys have the most gorgeous blue eyes thanks to their father! love you!


Olympics. soon. be ready.

4 days away.

enough said.

the opening ceremonies will be amazing.

my DVR will explode from the sheer volume of recordings it will take on over the next fortnight (why do they always call the duration of the Olympics a fortnight? yes, I know what a fortnight it, but still…)

gonna need some serious pico de gallo for Friday night.

bye, bye breathing treatments!

Went to the dr. today to check on R’s RSV – whoo hoo!
no wheezing = no more breathing treatments;
still has a cough that could linger on another week;
has lost 5 oz. because he is not eating as well, but let’s be honest, he had a little to spare!
go back in 10 days for a re-check on his weight and his 4-month (yikes!) check-up/vaccines.

Hello, love!

W is having a Valentine’s Day party at his school on Friday. He signed up to bring candy (because he likes candy) and I signed him up for cookies (because, honestly, I want him to have cutie cookies for his party and how can I ensure that the cutie cookies are present unless I make them?!);
before Friday, I need to make his shirt (“heartbreaker”), make cookies (easy when you buy the pre-made dough!), and get Valentine cards together for his little friends! 
I also want to do a little cute shirt for R – just ‘cuz.

Doesn’t everyone need a good wolf/lion/whatever hat?
wolf hat


memos and elephants

Hey mom! What’s up?!
Me? Oh, nothin’. Just chillin’.

RSV? Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout?
Must have missed that memo…

Mom, take it easy! No problem! Besides, how can you not smile when you are wearing elephants?!ryan3

Happy Wednesday!


a stream…

… of consciousness (by the way, in 4th grade I won my school’s spelling bee and advanced to the district competition – I got knocked out on the word conscientious! how is a 9 yr old supposed to know that word?! )

LOOK at this gorgeous boy!! Eli was born Saturday, 1/30 – a few weeks early but completely and wonderfully healthy! Congratulations Nick and Emily!!!!


Ryan has RSV – doing ok but on breathing treatments – someone forgot to tell him how sick babies are supposed to act – giggling and cooing, then cough, cough, cough; here are our “supplies”


Will started his new school today – didn’t want to leave so I guessed he liked it – only hiccup was that he ate two lunches (the school didn’t realize eh brought a lunchbox and served him their meal also!)

my employer’s policy on sick days makes no sense – my days are all gone bec. of maternity leave and so now, if I don’t want to have my pay docked, I have to be out at least three consecutive days to qualify for leave pool – sure! I’ll take three days off work so I WON’T loose money

will someone please fix the problem with the cost of prescription drugs? we have really decent insurance and man, am I glad we do!! but what about people who don’t have insurance? I am immensely grateful for sooooo many things!

I have a sticky note sitting right here of some super-cute projects I have seen on blogs/websites that I am dying to try – maybe tomorrow? one of them is a necklace from washers and ribbon. hhhmmmmm…

also have some photo projects I need to attend to

and do our taxes

and make a valentine’s shirt for Ryan – is Will to old to have one too? anyone seen a cute idea for a “big boy” valentine’s shirt?

we were at Ikea a couple of weekends ago and bought some solid pine mini-dressers that we are going to be using as nightstands by the bed – bought the stain a week ago but then, well, the world went crazy for a few days

speaking of… I finally feel calm again today – of course that is easy when I don’t have to go to work

Mike and I are determined to loose weight! I am going shopping for our e-mealz menu tomorrow and we are going to join the Snap Fitness up the street from the house just until summer – the plan is to take turns in the evenings and one person stay here while the other goes to work out, then switch – we’ll see! they have a great deal and it  is too good not to at least try it

and look at this! I was going through a bunch of flies the other day and found it – we took Will to Oktoberfest in Addison when he was about 9 months old – I made lederhosen for him! oh my gosh!!! I forgot how cute and round he was – he has changed so much!


found this one too! Will looks miserable! it was soooo cold that morning!

for card 2

and just so no one feels left out: (Hello, Ryan!)