look out, corporate America!

I’ve have my tie ready! My experience? Well, mostly there’s eating, sleeping, smiling, and playing. I can stick my hand in my mouth 20 different ways and I’m fluent in squeals. My mom says I have to get a job… so here I am. Do you have any positions available?




cereal? yes, please.

R started cereal a couple of weeks ago. It’s going well – can’t you tell?

Do you see my hand at the bottom of this picture holding R’s two hands down? That’s what we have to do every time he eats. The kid sticks his fists in his mouth ALL THE TIME, even when eating! At least it’s not boring – ha!


5 months

Well, the actual taking of the pictures was a little more timely than the posting of the pictures. Nevertheless… ladies and gentlemen, I present Ryan. and his rolls.
(I always forget to do these until the evening and by then the light is just plain stinky – oh well.)

fist. in mouth. all the time.



fat roll

I am always a little surprised when I look closely at his head and see all the fuzz. Will was completely, and I mean completely, bald until about 18 months. Looks like Ryan may not have the same fate :)

Updates? Eats like a champ. Started on rice cereal. Smiles and grins and puts his fists in his mouth all the time. Rolls from his stomach to his back. Sleeping between 10 and 11 hours at night. Thinks that William is the most hilarious thing ever. Grasping at everything and putting it in his mouth. About to bust out of his 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers – we have to move up soon! Squeals and giggles and coos like it’s going out of style.

Such a beautiful, laid back, easy going baby. We are so blessed!

ahhh, picnic.

We headed to the park last Sunday evening, thanks to the brilliant suggestion of Emily, and because we were there a little early (I KNOW… early? Don’t ask - I have no idea how it happened.) I wanted to take come pics of my boys.

Here is Mike’s idea of what his best pose with the boys would be (and this TOTALLY makes the list as #321)

Ryan was not impressed by my photo skills

A little baseball. Can you tell that Mike is teaching Will how to lift his leg when he throws and hits? He’s trying, he’s really trying! (And this picture just qualified as #320 on the list)

And of course, what every 3 year old boy should do with their father at the park. love it.


Mr. Fix-It

We had some guys working on the house a couple of weeks ago repairing some sheetrock inside and painting outside. There was lots of hammering and what-not and Will became obsessed with fixing things. He pulled his workbench (shout-out to Aunt Paige!) into the living room every day for almost a week to “do his work”. He even tried to hammer the wall in his room!



it’s officially over

That’s it! We’re done! I’m declaring it finished!

William is potty-trained!
will smile

He hasn’t had an accident in over two weeks and we are out of the candy we were using as bribes. So it’s done.

Now, this may not seem like much to most people. But FOR REAL. He was 39 months old. Seriously, nothing phased this kid. We tried rewards, wet underwear, little training potty, pull-ups, bribes (and good stuff, too!) but he didn’t care.

He is fiercely independent ( I WONDER where he could have gotten that quality…) and just decided one day that he was going to do it. Now he is a champ about the whole thing and acts like it is no big deal. He just sits on the regular toilet and holds on. He has only fallen in once. ha! One day he told me he wanted to go standing up. I told him no. no way. no how. I am NOT ready to start cleaning that up yet. Mike can teach him that soon enough. (And then Mike can start cleaning it up.)

Still wears a pull-up at night, but I’ve heard that can continue for awhile.

And while we are on the subject… Little boy underwear cracks me up! It is supposed to be a manly thing, I guess. But when it is so tiny and covered in cartoon characters it is just too cute!

chillin’ Bumpo-style

Oh! Hey, mom! Me? Oh, you know… just chillin’ in my PURPLE (not pink) Bumpo chair 

Not now, mom. Can’t talk. I’m busy…

… watching the OLYMPICS!!!! Go Bode! U-S-A! U-S-A!
(I knew you’d be proud.)



Dear can of honey roasted peanuts in my pantry,

I love you. I love you a lot. You are not good for me. And yet, I can’t stop.

I remember purchasing you over a week ago for a party and then putting the leftovers back in the can and returning you to the pantry. How could I go an entire week with out you? I realized today that your label was turned towards the back and I actually forgot about you for several days.

But today? Today you were found. Like a child who has found a lost puppy (or maybe just a lost sock), I greeted you and immediately wanted to become reacquainted. But alas, within 10 minutes, I had eaten half of what remained in the can without even realizing it. I had to put you away.

But just now, I opened your can again and proceeded to tell myself, “Just a couple more. I can stop any time.” But I didn’t. again.

What is it about you that makes you so irresistible? I have had this problem my entire life. I am weak. I cannot be near you at parties. You are definitely not present in my house on a normal basis. I just can’t control myself. Is it the honey? Is it the roasted-ness? I may never know. Actually, I don’t need to know. I just need to stop.

And therefore, can of honey roasted peanuts, I am making a vow today that I will never again purchase your kind. I bid you adieu and may your sweet, honey roasted-ness haunt some other poor soul looking for a snack.

Your friend no more,