determined to spend more time learning Photoshop...

... using the "guided edit" and then b&w conversion

Hello, sweet boy!



Well, I guess I should update on me! 30 weeks today - going to the doctor every 2 weeks now - next appt. is Thursday - have already passed my total weight and size I had the entire time with William - big and fat and exactly how I want to be!!!

I have had a few thoughts lately on what this baby will be like once he arrives and here are my best guesses based on current conditions:

or maybe this:

we are looking for an infant dojo to keep up with his training and a baby Gi to keep him looking the part...

seriously though, this kid is a kicker! all the time! the other day I was holding the remote loosely in my hand and resting it on my belly - he kicked so hard, it knocked the remote out of my hand and that is NOT an exaggeration!
so Dr. Thurston better watch out... this kiddo has the potential to go Chuck Norris-like when he arrives!



So we went to go feed the ducks at Breckinridge Park on Friday. So pretty! And we got there early enough it wasn't super-hot yet! Cimberly and her sweet son, Caiden, met us and we had a fun time!

look closely! this poor duck had a "special" leg - it had to hop around the whole time and I made sure it received its' own special share of the bread!

and then, it was like a scene from a movie, these huge things came flying overhead from somewhere behind us and landed in the pond. I thought to myself, "wow! those are some big ducks!" and then I realized, "no, stupid! those are NOT ducks!"
they came waltzing up the bank of the pond like they owned the place and disrupted our perfect little scene we had going on - big bullies!

yeah, those are geese! and yes, they really do honk!

poor Caiden even tried to chase them at one point and they HISSED at him! who knew a goose could HISS!

moving on, the boys were so sweet about sharing:

and when all the bread was gone, those jokers (all 8 of them!) just settled down at the edge of the pond for a nice drink

finally, what trip to the park would be complete without a good playground picture? sweet boy! he is getting so big!!

hangin' out

Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

How about this one?

"by myself" has become a super-important phrase in our house lately. there are lots of re-dos, but at least he is trying!

Will informed us he was going to work. I think he had put Mike's keys in the box and besides that, what else do you really need besides a stuffed dog and a "papa hat"?