tonight’s funnies

Well, hello!

tonight… I let William barricade himself in the kitchen with play dough. I am in the other room and I overhear, “and he took the bread, broke it in half, and told them to eat”; then I hear “and he gave them juice”

that crazy kid is re-creating holy communion with his play dough!

super-cute or super-sacrilegious? you be the judge…

tonight, I was scratching my calf because well, it itched. Ryan walked over and started scratching my calf as well. thanks, kiddo!

did I mention he is in the “mimic everything that everyone does” stage? no? well, there it is.

tonight, William threw a monster cry fit when it was time for him to go to bed and I am D-O-N-E with his little fits waking up Ryan. my solution? I let him cry it out in the garage. (and for the record, I tried this once a few months ago but I put him on the back porch – Mike said that was not good because someone might hear him and call the police). it totally worked! he came back in totally fine.

tonight, I had to put eye drops in the eyes of two people in my house. wanna guess who got eye drops? not me. not William. wanna guess who threw a bigger fit about it? not Ryan.