Ryan is definitely a little chunkier thank William was (thank goodness!) but I am daily experiencing a little deja vu!

first bath

It became quite the family affair.

Contrary to this first picture, Ryan actually mellowed out and just hung out while I wiped him down!

We have been taking LOTS of pictures lately! Will has found a baby toy that we put in Ryan's room and now busts it out whenever he sees lots of pictures being made.

All wrapped up after the bath

and 'cause the black and white version is super-cute too!

yard work

Will has finally decided he is going to be BFFs with his daddy! He uses his push-popper toy thing as his mower. This, of course, lasted about 5 minutes until he got bored and realized that mowing the yard is not that glamorous!

'cause there's nothing sweeter...

... than a sleeping baby


sneaky peeky

Zoe came and did some newborn pics of Ryan and a few with the family this past Saturday. Being the wonderful person she is, she knew we couldn't wait and sent us a few sneak peeks:

Check out my sweet boys :)


this one is a keeper!!!!

Ryan Weldon Preston arrived this past Saturday, 10-10-09, at 10:48am. He was 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 inches long. Labor was actually quite quick and not horrible and things couldn't have gone much better. AND, of course, Ryan is absolutely wonderful, adorable, precious, and just amazing!!!
We have been hibernating for a few days getting things under control and slowly, but surely, we are re-emerging to join the world!
I'm sure I will post more details soon and definitely more pictures, but here are my favorites!


more Photoshop

found a new button on Photoshop - hello, handsome!

those are NOT sticks!

So this morning around 7:30, Mike calls to me from the living room, "Martha, come here." I was in the middle of changing Will's diaper (yeah, he STILL wears diapers.... one major life change at a time, please) so I said I would be there in a minute. And his response was, "uh, no. You need to come see this right now."

As I get to the living room, he tells me to look out on the back porch and his only other comment is, "those are NOT sticks!"

Those are earthworms!!!! And this picture does not do it justice - they are COVERING the back patio!!! The only thing I can figure out is that the ground is so saturated from all the recent rain we have had (past weeks, plus ALL last night) that their earthworm holes/colonies/whatever got flooded and they were forced to seek higher ground.

And that is not even the worst "eeewwww" factor.
We are blessed with an original-to-our-25-yr-old-house sliding glass door off the back patio, so you KNOW it doesn't seal the way it should. And of course, some of those suckers had wriggled their slimy, nasty little bodies INTO OUR HOUSE. My only consolation is that as soon as they get in the house out of the rain, they dry up and shrivel and DIE! Of course, Mike did the worm clean-up

And the best part of this post... Mike calls me from work to take a picture of them because no one at his work believes him!

There - proof that once again, only the super-weird, crazy house stuff happens to us! We have officially been invaded by earthworms!