this one is a keeper!!!!

Ryan Weldon Preston arrived this past Saturday, 10-10-09, at 10:48am. He was 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 inches long. Labor was actually quite quick and not horrible and things couldn't have gone much better. AND, of course, Ryan is absolutely wonderful, adorable, precious, and just amazing!!!
We have been hibernating for a few days getting things under control and slowly, but surely, we are re-emerging to join the world!
I'm sure I will post more details soon and definitely more pictures, but here are my favorites!


Emily said...

my heart just swells with love for your sweet family! I can't for Ryan and Will to meet their future best-friend!!

Erin Peterson said...

So adorable! The one of Will holding Ryan is precious!!! Congrats and enjoy. Two are fun :)