So we went to go feed the ducks at Breckinridge Park on Friday. So pretty! And we got there early enough it wasn't super-hot yet! Cimberly and her sweet son, Caiden, met us and we had a fun time!

look closely! this poor duck had a "special" leg - it had to hop around the whole time and I made sure it received its' own special share of the bread!

and then, it was like a scene from a movie, these huge things came flying overhead from somewhere behind us and landed in the pond. I thought to myself, "wow! those are some big ducks!" and then I realized, "no, stupid! those are NOT ducks!"
they came waltzing up the bank of the pond like they owned the place and disrupted our perfect little scene we had going on - big bullies!

yeah, those are geese! and yes, they really do honk!

poor Caiden even tried to chase them at one point and they HISSED at him! who knew a goose could HISS!

moving on, the boys were so sweet about sharing:

and when all the bread was gone, those jokers (all 8 of them!) just settled down at the edge of the pond for a nice drink

finally, what trip to the park would be complete without a good playground picture? sweet boy! he is getting so big!!

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