Well, I guess I should update on me! 30 weeks today - going to the doctor every 2 weeks now - next appt. is Thursday - have already passed my total weight and size I had the entire time with William - big and fat and exactly how I want to be!!!

I have had a few thoughts lately on what this baby will be like once he arrives and here are my best guesses based on current conditions:

or maybe this:

we are looking for an infant dojo to keep up with his training and a baby Gi to keep him looking the part...

seriously though, this kid is a kicker! all the time! the other day I was holding the remote loosely in my hand and resting it on my belly - he kicked so hard, it knocked the remote out of my hand and that is NOT an exaggeration!
so Dr. Thurston better watch out... this kiddo has the potential to go Chuck Norris-like when he arrives!


Erin Peterson said...

Whoa, I had to get my spanish dictonary to figure out which line the comment section was :) Isn't funny how other people's pregnancies seem to go so much faster than your own? I can't believe it is almost over. Do you have any names yet? Can't wait to hear all about him and how William is doing with everything. Let's get together!

Zoe-D said...

Ouch, Martha! You poor thing. I'm with Erin - we should do a reunion playdate - how cool would that be? With preggo Martha and our little kiddos of varying ages!