5 months

Well, the actual taking of the pictures was a little more timely than the posting of the pictures. Nevertheless… ladies and gentlemen, I present Ryan. and his rolls.
(I always forget to do these until the evening and by then the light is just plain stinky – oh well.)

fist. in mouth. all the time.



fat roll

I am always a little surprised when I look closely at his head and see all the fuzz. Will was completely, and I mean completely, bald until about 18 months. Looks like Ryan may not have the same fate :)

Updates? Eats like a champ. Started on rice cereal. Smiles and grins and puts his fists in his mouth all the time. Rolls from his stomach to his back. Sleeping between 10 and 11 hours at night. Thinks that William is the most hilarious thing ever. Grasping at everything and putting it in his mouth. About to bust out of his 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers – we have to move up soon! Squeals and giggles and coos like it’s going out of style.

Such a beautiful, laid back, easy going baby. We are so blessed!

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Emily said...

those thighs...they make Eli's look pretty pathetic! ha!