#326 deserves some explanation

In my previous post, I mentioned reason #326 that I love Mike. Let's face it, Mike doesn't get a lot of "air time" on this bloggy-thing, between my ranting and two kiddos. So I am going to throw him some props and work backwards from #326 (don't worry - not all at once! I'm sure I might throw-up form all the mushiness and lovey-feelings that would produce!)

#325: His super-fine (not fine like amazing, but fine as in the texture), not easily managed hair that he has passed on to one, and probably two, children. Weird, huh? But every time I am trying to get William's hair to lay down flat on his head, I think of Mike!

#324: He recognizes my lack of morning person-ness and while he often harasses me just for a reaction at 6am, he generally respects the fact that no intelligible words come from my mouth for at least 30 minutes after I wake up.

Good lord! I just realized the amount of stuff I am going to have to write - here's hoping he stays on my good side!

Oh yeah, #323: His laugh when something is genuinely funny and he can't help but die laughing!

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