more reasons to love this guy!

Let's be honest, Mike and I are not "mushy". Neither of us really like Valentine's day and we just don't do extravagant gifts, etc.

But this man... I love him like crazy! Here's reason # 326:

I was going through our camera after we got home from the hospital with Ryan and I found this:

This must have been when I was finally able to take a shower and he was alone with Ryan because I did NOT remember it.

I started to ask him what in the heck he was doing and then I remembered this:

This is from when William was born. We laughed about this for awhile afterward. Mike was trying to take a picture of himself with Will in the mirror. Obviously, the flash interfered.

Mike wanted to give Ryan the same opportunity that William had! And so he did this:

And look! He held the camera out to the side of his face :)

love you!

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Emily said...

love it! that is too funny...now if we can just get mike on santa's good list so santa won't bite him.