we're like this:

the Preston boys and Dr. Poole

I was counting the other day all the visits we have made to the pediatrician in the past couple of months.

Let's see, William had his seasonal flu shot at the beginning of October (that's one, one dr. visit - muah, ah, ah, ahhhhh).

Then Dr. Poole saw Ryan in the hospital - twice! (that's three, three dr. visits - muah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh).

And of course, Ryan had a 2-day and a 2-week check-up. (up to five now!).

At some point in the middle of this, William went in for the first part of his H1N1 shot (six!).

Ryan had a cold at about 6 weeks so we went in just to make sure all was okay (seven dr. visits - muah, ah, ah, ahhhhh).

Then we were back for Ryan's 2 month check-up (EIGHT!).

Then William had a cold that I was SURE had developed into an ear infection cuz they always do (NINE) but of course, it hadn't!

William had a 3-year check-up, but we got to combine that with the second part of the H1N1 shot (TEN). [a sidenote: when we went for the yearly check-up, dr. poole was looking at Will's ears and remarked, "they look a little bit inflamed" That's right! he goes in for a check-up and comes out with an antibiotic prescription for an ear infection! and it's not the first time it has happened...]

And finally (I hope!) we went today for the cold/RSV/what is this? visit

That is ELEVEN doctor visits in the past couple of months. We (well, actually, United Health Insurance) are keeping this place afloat!!!

In all seriousness however, we are so very grateful. There has been nothing dramatic and everyone seems to be healthy as soon as Ryan gets over his icky stuff. I have been off work and was able to get the boys there quickly. The office is super-close to the house and everyone there is just so wonderful!

Here's to springtime soon!

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