sick baby

poor Ryan - he has some icky, phlegmy (seriously?! how do you spell that word?!) stuff in his throat and because of his age and the RSV-time-of-year, we went to see Dr. Poole today (again!!! more on that to come!).
Good news: it is not RSV
Bad news: it is not RSV... yet

Doctor said his lungs, chest, and ears are all clear and look wonderful. But then again, she said it might just be starting up. We were sent home with all the signs of RSV to watch for and the list of the 4 different doctors that are available on call for Dr. Poole's patients during Thur/Fri holidays and the weekend.

Here's hoping we don't need them!!!

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Emily said...

surely "Dr. Emily" was on that list...if there is one thing i know about- it's RSV. I am the phlegm-master. Ew. I just grossed myself out. Sigh.

Serioulsy, if you think he's getting worse- call me- i'll pop over and take a look (do a quick triage)...anything for your sweet boys!!