Jesus needs a party!

With Will's birthday just a couple of weeks away, we have been deep into birthday party discussions and of course, I have been trying to explain the story of Jesus as we get closer and closer to Christmas. The intersection of the two topics provides some super-interesting car ride conversation:

Will has made the connection that your birthday party is for when you were born. We were discussing that Christmas is when Jesus was born and Will decided that Jesus should have a birthday party. I tried to explain that Christmas is the celebration of his birth. Oh no, Christmas is not good enough...

... Will informed me that Jesus should have a Mickey Mouse party. And, apparently, he needs cake too!


In other news, Will would like a "Santa tree" (he will NOT call it a Christmas tree) in his backyard. He was quite confused at the fact that people put trees in their houses. "Trees go outside!"

oh sweet boy! how much fun we are going to have this Christmas!!!

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