bye, bye breathing treatments!

Went to the dr. today to check on R’s RSV – whoo hoo!
no wheezing = no more breathing treatments;
still has a cough that could linger on another week;
has lost 5 oz. because he is not eating as well, but let’s be honest, he had a little to spare!
go back in 10 days for a re-check on his weight and his 4-month (yikes!) check-up/vaccines.

Hello, love!

W is having a Valentine’s Day party at his school on Friday. He signed up to bring candy (because he likes candy) and I signed him up for cookies (because, honestly, I want him to have cutie cookies for his party and how can I ensure that the cutie cookies are present unless I make them?!);
before Friday, I need to make his shirt (“heartbreaker”), make cookies (easy when you buy the pre-made dough!), and get Valentine cards together for his little friends! 
I also want to do a little cute shirt for R – just ‘cuz.

Doesn’t everyone need a good wolf/lion/whatever hat?
wolf hat

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