a stream…

… of consciousness (by the way, in 4th grade I won my school’s spelling bee and advanced to the district competition – I got knocked out on the word conscientious! how is a 9 yr old supposed to know that word?! )

LOOK at this gorgeous boy!! Eli was born Saturday, 1/30 – a few weeks early but completely and wonderfully healthy! Congratulations Nick and Emily!!!!


Ryan has RSV – doing ok but on breathing treatments – someone forgot to tell him how sick babies are supposed to act – giggling and cooing, then cough, cough, cough; here are our “supplies”


Will started his new school today – didn’t want to leave so I guessed he liked it – only hiccup was that he ate two lunches (the school didn’t realize eh brought a lunchbox and served him their meal also!)

my employer’s policy on sick days makes no sense – my days are all gone bec. of maternity leave and so now, if I don’t want to have my pay docked, I have to be out at least three consecutive days to qualify for leave pool – sure! I’ll take three days off work so I WON’T loose money

will someone please fix the problem with the cost of prescription drugs? we have really decent insurance and man, am I glad we do!! but what about people who don’t have insurance? I am immensely grateful for sooooo many things!

I have a sticky note sitting right here of some super-cute projects I have seen on blogs/websites that I am dying to try – maybe tomorrow? one of them is a necklace from washers and ribbon. hhhmmmmm…

also have some photo projects I need to attend to

and do our taxes

and make a valentine’s shirt for Ryan – is Will to old to have one too? anyone seen a cute idea for a “big boy” valentine’s shirt?

we were at Ikea a couple of weekends ago and bought some solid pine mini-dressers that we are going to be using as nightstands by the bed – bought the stain a week ago but then, well, the world went crazy for a few days

speaking of… I finally feel calm again today – of course that is easy when I don’t have to go to work

Mike and I are determined to loose weight! I am going shopping for our e-mealz menu tomorrow and we are going to join the Snap Fitness up the street from the house just until summer – the plan is to take turns in the evenings and one person stay here while the other goes to work out, then switch – we’ll see! they have a great deal and it  is too good not to at least try it

and look at this! I was going through a bunch of flies the other day and found it – we took Will to Oktoberfest in Addison when he was about 9 months old – I made lederhosen for him! oh my gosh!!! I forgot how cute and round he was – he has changed so much!


found this one too! Will looks miserable! it was soooo cold that morning!

for card 2

and just so no one feels left out: (Hello, Ryan!)


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