survival and THE pictures

Well, I made it! I survived my first day back to work. I sort of floundered around all day, unable to really focus on what needed to be done because I really couldn't figure out what needed to be done! Give me a week or so and I'll be back into it - I hope! Ryan did great with my mom and Will didn't skip a beat running back into his school this morning. Our only little hiccup was when I was leaving this morning to drop Will off and mom said, "Um, does he need a lunch?" "Um, yes." All in all - a successful day! Here's to another!

Now! On to the promised pics from the Cowboy game!

I ALWAYS have to get a picture of this guy (btw - he did NOT play so well)

They even flashed Stephen McGee on the screen for a second, but my camera skillz were not fast enough!

Gettin' the team all fired up - sometimes I wonder how much of this is just a bunch of show and how much is actually motivating...

This Jerry guy does not miss a thing - even the freakin' flags had sparks coming out of them!

One of Mike's favorite parts (guys are pathetic!):

There is nothing like watching a bunch of 20-something, tan, not-a-spot-of-cellulite-to-be-seen girly-girls on the largest TV screen in the world to make you feel a teency, weency anxious about the baby weight! seriously!

token shot of us. I wanted to ask the guy sitting next to us to take the picture, but Mike was mortified (again, guys are pathetic!) - hence, the hold-your-arm-out-as-far-as-you-can-and-smile-at-the-lens-and-hope-you-get-a-good-shot picture

my two most favorite Cowboys:

And look! There's Troy! Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy across the stadium in the Fox booth - the pic is blurry but not bad for a 100 yard+ zoom with a point-and-shoot

and now, my friends, what you have all been waiting for! the moment that made me squeal like a school girl and be "that" girl, sneaking my camera out and obsessively taking pictures of the guy all evening long! I present to you... Emmitt Smith!

sporting the cool shades:

the shades took a break:

more enjoyment of what I am SURE was water!

I just KNOW he was peering around that random, purposefully making eye contact with me, saying "hey! thanks for being a fan! Do you want to come to Canton to see me inducted into the Hall of Fame?"

Martha logic: Martha is 20 feet from Emmitt Smith, Emmitt Smith is on gigantor-TV; therefore, Martha is 20 feet from being on gigantor-TV (the closest I will ever come!)

I told Mike that seeing Emmitt might be the highlight of my year. Considering it was Jan. 3rd, it's going to be a long year!
Go Cowboys!!

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