let the clown show begin!

In an effort to really document more of our everyday life, I am trying to give more updates. If you're bored - move on! ha!

This weekend was nice! We started off with a little shin-dig at the Strittmatter casa for New Year's - so fun! but I forgot me camera :( Will went to stay in A-town with Pat and Paige. We were still a little concerned about Ryan and his is-it-or-is-it-not-RSV congestion, so he went with us - we are such party animals! He slept from 11p to 8a, so we got to hang out and have a good time. Nick and Em graciously offered their guest room so all were safe.

Paige had brought over some super-yummy black-eyed pea salad and I think I ate the entire bowl on Friday! Will was still gone so the house was quiet and Mike and I just hung out and rested with Ryan.

Will stayed an extra night in A-town, so Ryan and I had our last alone time on Sat. morning while Mike was at work. I have to go to work Monday morning and it was nice to have that one last quiet time with him.

My rockin' Sat. night consisted of Luby's and a pedicure (thanks, Em!) and if you don't know me, that is super-close to my perfect night - again, such a party animal!

Today, mom and dad came to the house to watch Will and Ryan so we could go to the Cowboy game! So amazing! Go Cowboys - NFC East champs!

And the best part, sitting no less than 20 feet from us (in a suite of course) was EMMITT SMITH! I have an odd, super-fascination with and adoration for this man. I LOVED watching him play, voted like a million times for him on dancing with the stars (the only season I ever watched), and have always been impressed by his character! I went a little star-crazy and that is not like me at all.
I have Ryan in my lap now asleep and so I can't get the pictures on the computer, but don't you worry - you will see Emmitt tomorrow! I think I have about 20 pictures!

Will goes back to school tomorrow and mom is staying with Ryan here at the house. Ryan's sitter is actually out of town this week so we are having to make other plans this week. I go back to work tomorrow after three months off - wish me luck! It is just a work day - no students - so a nice transition into the swing of things. And then the come home, fix dinner, spend quality time, take baths, go to bed cycle begins again! (somewhere in there lunches must be made, laundry done, dishes washed, house cleaned [what?!?!], etc. etc.) - so, LET THE CLOWN SHOW BEGIN!!!

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