last week, freezing cold, lazy, failed experiment, and morning chaos

I'm sort of a list person, so here goes:

1. We made it through last week! Thanks to Mom and Emily, Ryan was well cared for and made my transition back to work soooo much easier! It was seriously freezing, however, and it was NOT fun to return to carpool duty OUTSIDE in the teens and twenties! ha!

2. On the subject of last week, it wiped. me. out. I was so dead on Friday and I was such a lazy bum all weekend! Besides it was too cold to go anywhere! And I have proof:

Instead, we did a little of this:

and a little of this:

3. Mike had to work Saturday so I got a smidge of an inkling of an urge to do something and decided enough was enough. I was going to put William in his underwear and just let him wet himself - surely THAT would get him to use the potty all the time. He put on his Sesame Street underwear, and parked himself on front of the TV on top of a vinyl tablecloth I had spread on the floor. (let's face it - I was hopeful, but not super-optimistic). Sure enough, about 30 minutes in, he had wet himself and we got him all changed and I thought, okay, one more time. When I saw him waddle around the corner another 30 minutes later, I knew we were in trouble. Use your imagination and decide why a toddler not wearing a diaper might walk bowl-legged and avoid eye contact - mmm hmm - poo. I labeled the experiment a failure and returned him promptly to his diaper-wearing self.

4. Saturday night was the Cowboy game and I had dressed Will in his Romo jersey that day. Mike bought this for him for his birthday (Will's, not Mike's) and for each of the games since the birthday when Will was wearing the jersey, the Cowboys have won. Do you sense where this might be going? So of course, he was wearing it for game day. Mike asked if it had been washed between all the wearings. At first, I was offended. But then, I realized it is not completely outside the realm of possibility for our house.
The Cowboys were doing great, but it was definitely Will's bed time. So when Will came in to give good night hugs and kisses after Mike had put his pajamas on him and brushed his teeth, I really wasn't surprised to see him wearing his Romo jersey and his monkey pajama pants. Mike's exact words were, "What?! We're not going to stop the streak now!" and so that is why William slept in his Cowboy jersey.

5. Yesterday, I FINALLY got to some sewing projects I had been meaning to finish for several months. And by sewing projects, I mean lots of straight lines. We don't always get along, my sewing machine and I. I thought I had really messed up the tension, but all I needed was different thread - go figure! LOVE me a zig-zag stitch! And oh yeah, Ryan is THREE MONTHS OLD!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! He is an absolute angel and so sweet! He laughs all the time and just grins like it is going out of style! Such a sweet baby!

5. This morning was a marathon. Mike had to work early and I had to get both boys to their places complete with first-visit stuff for Ryan and all the Monday things that you moms know have to accompany the child. We made it and I am so proud of myself. We remembered everything and I was only a little bit late to work!
Ryan was so good for Fredes today and Will had a great day as well. Mike was off early, so we went to Chili's for dinner, ran a couple of errands, and now I need to get to bed.
This is our new normal. By my (conservative) estimate we will need at least 2 hours every morning - from the time I wake up to the time we walk out the door. And that is assuming that lunches, bottles, and clothes are all prepared the night before! yikes! The good news is that most mornings, Mike can take Will so I just have to get myself and Ryan out the door. Say a little prayer at 6:50 tomorrow morning :) - that will be the mad last-minute scramble before we hit the road!

This has been lots of rambling, but like I said, all part of the new normal! So blessed we are! (more of this yoda-like speech I will use, I think)

Happy Monday! (and yes, I'll get Ryan's 3 months pics up tomorrow!)

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