really?!?!?! (this is mostly whining – beware…)

Here is a summary of my last 36 hours, starting 10:30am on Thursday:

- get an e-mail (NOT a phone call) from the owner/director of William’s preschool saying they are CLOSING and want everyone to attend the school’s other location in Allen starting MONDAY (yes! that is 2 days notice)


- realize we cannot transfer to the other location because it would mean at LEAST an hour round trip in the am and pm to the school


- remember a friend had told me about her daughter’s school, call them, they have a spot open – PRAISE THE LORD!

- call Mike, explain everything, a little less freaking out

- leave school in the pm, Mike leaves work early to pick up William, we take him to the new place to see it, feel comfortable, etc. because we have to start there on MONDAY!

- vacuum cleaner issues (remind me about this later – a story which needs it’s own time)

- go eat dinner with Nick and Em, deal with sorta-sick, super-tired baby at dinner, eat a few wings, go home

- have a mentioned it was pouring rain most of this day? no? well it just made things that much easier…

- Mike puts Will to bed, I get Ryan down, then I go to the grocery store because awesome-me agreed earlier in the week to make taco soup and chocolate candies for work on Friday

- come home: bottles, lunches, chocolate candies, pack for school, bed.

- this morning: overslept. awesome. no shower. ew. that’s right.

- baby has gunk – suction a bunch of boogers from his nose at 6am

- make coffee: when I fill up my mug to take to work, all that comes out of the pot is water (ours is stainless and you can’t see into it)… I FORGOT TO PUT THE COFFEE IN THE COFFEE MAKER!

- super late to work. get there and realize it is “bring your dad to school day” and park 2 miles from the school; haul aforementioned chocolate candies and crock pot for soup 2 miles into school

- have I mentioned it was pouring rain all morning? did I fail to tell you it was 35 degrees? no? well, again, it really helped everything tremendously.

- made it through work. plan was to leave early, get Will, go play at the new school for a bit, then get Ryan and head home. um, no.

- Ryan’s sitter calls me at 3:15 saying he had a slight fever. I tell her I’m on my way. new plan: get Ryan first and drag him around in and out of cars/rain for the rest of the afternoon. call pediatrican. can’t get there before they close today, they say to call the on-call dr Sat am.

- get Will at his school. cry with the ladies there that he is leaving (apparently, all the other parents have 3 extra hours a day for driving around and are moving to the other location.). load up.

- go to new school. Will plays, Ryan poops, I change a diaper, Will pees on himself a bit while using the toilet at the new school. and it is still raining outside. and 32 degrees.

- ah, home. Ryan is so tired he goes to bed. Will hangs out with milk, Goldfish crackers, and Tigger and Pooh on tv. I develop a ridiculously awesome headache.

- Will pooped. not in the toilet. enough said.

- Will and I share a bagel for dinner ‘cause I am super-mom. Mike comes home with beer and wine (he has a 6th sense) and amuses Will (God bless that man!). Ryan wakes up and takes half of a bottle, coughing the whole time. both boys to bed. I am here typing. and now I am done.

- Here’s to a new day.

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Emily said...

wake up the next morning. Em's in labor. Let the fun begin!

I'm so happy we can share our crazy lives...yay for us!