Back at the beginning of December, Mike and I went to San Antonio for a couple of nights WITHOUT CHILDREN! It was wonderful! Margaritas were consumed on the riverwalk and we actually slept past 8am for 2 mornings in a row! We always stay at La Mansion on the river - love that place

The first night we were there, I made Mike take one of those riverboat cruises with me. I decided I wanted to be a tourist and I had never been down there when the river was all decked out for Christmas - Gorgeous!!!

This is a gingerbread house that made by the pastry chefs at the hotel. It was just beautiful!

(I made Mike do a thumbs-up - remember, I was embracing my inner-tourist!)

There is an amazing walkway that leads from the river, through the Hyatt hotel lobby, and up to street level. I had no idea it was there and basically, it is a huge fountain that stretches about 300 yards and has too many different drops and spillways to count!

Also in the Hyatt lobby, we saw a glass shop with these beautiful glass sculptures hanging in the windows! I would die to have those ornaments in our house (or the other one too!) So pretty!

We went to see A Christmas Carol in 3-D (which, by the way, is NOT for kids!)

a super-cute holiday decoration I saw at the mall

Finally, some views of the Alamo, all decked out! day and night views!

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