yay me!

So, I often forget about those silly little trackers I have at the bottom of this page that tell how old Will and Ryan are. I just happened to scroll all the way down and I haven't changed Will's since his birthday last month. Go ahead - scroll to the bottom and read it. no really, do it. then come back up here.

Did you see Will's? "My child is 3 years old. Congratulations!"

for what?
for not going completely bonkers when your child DOES. NOT. STOP. TALKING. for hours on end? for not loosing it when he glares at you, one hand on his hip, the other with a menacing point and says, "Do you understand me?!" for keeping your sanity when he is 37 months old and really does not care a bit about using the toilet? for not dying laughing when he thinks "that's rude" is really "kangaroo-ed"

Well, maybe it's for this :

Yeah, we'll keep him, I guess :)

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