William updates

in a stream-of-consciousness format, because that is all I can handle right now

randomly, Will just woke up and was super-sweaty from wearing his fleece pjs. I took him in to change his pjs and he was pointing at his initials that are on the wall above his closet. I explained “W” is for William, “L” is for Loy and “P” is for Preston. He went on about his three names for awhile and then said “and I’m sweetie pie – I have FOUR names!” (Gram Gram calls Will sweetie pie all the time)

I borrowed a bunch of level 1 readers from my kinder teacher friends at school and Will and I have been “reading” them – don’t get too excited – they are just the predictable text, sight words, etc. – but it IS a start – he knows all his letters and most of his sounds and I really think I’ll be able to get him going full-blast this summer; anyhoo… we were looking at the word “some” and I was trying to get him to remember what it said (we have read it a million times) by pointing out the beginning sound:
me: “Will, what letter is that?”
W: “S”
me: “and what sound does it make”
W: “me no know” (and that is exactly how he says it)
me: “Sure you do. It is an s for snake. what does a snake say?”
W: “I love you?”

the other day we were driving and Will had sung the alphabet song about 18 ba-jillion times (I am a math specialist – ba-jillion is a real number) so I asked him to sing another song; he busts out with twinkle, twinkle little star.
I’m going to give you a few moments to process that and then realize why I nearly screamed and pulled my hair out!

when you tell a child to put a toy away and he asks, “why?” is it wrong to say, “because it annoys the crap out of me!”?

I am so sick of taking about tee-tee and poo-poo that I might just throw up. seriously. STILL not potty-trained. god bless the ladies at his school – they are just putting him in underwear every day and letting him do his thing. He makes it most of the days without any pee accidents, but every day there is a little ziploc bag in his backpack containing the icky underwear from when he pooped. His backpack every day for school must now include 2 pairs of underwear (he puts them on when he gets there) and an extra pair of pants – this is getting a little old.

Happy almost-Thursday! sooooo ready for the weekend!

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Wendy said...

instead of asking 'why', wait until he tells you 'no, I don't feel like it.' That will really annoy the heck out of you!