recent notes

very briefly, the past 5 weekends have included the following:
William's spring show at his school
my sweet Grammy's funeral
my cousin's wedding in Denver
a family dinner/get-together in Arlington
another cousin's wedding in Fort Worth
a weekend in Arlington with Mike's family from Tennessee
and this weekend, we are having a garage sale!
ok, breathe. more details on all this stuff later.
I know I need to do major catch-up on all our recent happenings.

In the meantime, I would like to briefly share a few things I have noticed lately:

1. there is nothing, and I mean NUH-THING, like a sunburn to turn everyone you meet into Mr./Ms. Obvious. For example, I readily admit to some poor decision-making concerning the application of sunscreen this past weekend while at the pool. I got a sunburn. I got a sunburn bad. I know this.
It is not really something you can ignore when even carrying a purse on your shoulder is painful. Nevertheless (by the way, I LOVE the word "nevertheless"), these are some of the actual comments I have received this week at work:

"Looks like someone got some sun!"
"Oh my gosh, does it hurt?"

and my personal favorite...
"You are sooooo sunburned!"
I really, really wanted to say, "Is THAT what tha
t is? Thank you so much!" But I didn't. 'Cause I'm nice like that.

2. What is it about a preggers girl that causes all around her to loose any respect they might have for the aforementioned (another favorite word) preggers girl's personal space?
I literally did a Karate Kid-style "wax-on, wax-off" move to block a lady's hand as she reached out to touch my belly. It was totally instinctive - I didn't even know what I was doing until I had done it.

So, I plan on starting an official Mr. Miyagi-inspired train
ing course for all preggers girls out there to ward off uninvited belly touches. Really, any of the moves would work: wax on/wax off, paint the fence, and sand the deck.

More to come, especially some pictures :)

One last note: my belly is already huge (at least it feels that way!). My hip joints and hamstrings ache all the time from the sudden appearance of a beach ball on my front! But that is exactly the way I want to be!! All I really care about is that we get a full term, big, fat baby :)

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