ahhh, summer!

What is happening MORE often:
  • staying up later
  • getting up later
  • swimming
  • eating popsicles and strawberry shortcake
  • watching movies
  • sunscreen
  • Sno Cones
What is happening LESS often:
  • laundry
  • cleaning
  • baths in the bathtub (kiddie pools count, right?)
  • strict bedtime routine
  • balanced meals and cooking in general (c'mon, like I was ever really Betty Crocker to begin with...)

Technically, I am working. But I mostly set my own hours, and can work as much as I want as long as my projects get finished. I take Will to school and start work around 8:00. He plays, eats lunch, and naps at school. By the time he is up from his nap and ready to go, I have already put in 7 hours and we can go play the rest of the day!!!

We are doing a weekly story time at the Plano library (which, by the way, is my favorite compared to Richardson and Garland as far as kids' stuff goes...). The kiddie pool has come in VERY handy and we play lots of cars and color!

We have officially hit the time of year known as "Hot as Hades" (seriously - it is our first week of triple digits!) so any outdoor activity that does not involve water is pretty much out. There is a splash park in Richardson that I have heard good things about - anyone out there tried it?

Happy summer everyone! Hope you don't melt!

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