visit with Cooper and Wendy

Last weekend, we got to visit my good friend Wendy and her son Cooper in Arlington. Our boys are less than a month apart so it is always fun when we can get together!
Will has been super-shy lately so it took him a COUPLE OF HOURS to warm-up, but once he did, it was on!! The boys had a great time and it was so good to see Wendy and her family. I am sad I don't get to see them more often!

let's back up a bit: here is a picture of the sweet boys just a few weeks after Will was born - around Christmas '06

here are a couple of pics from when we got together last summer:

check out these two pictures, the first from last summer and the second one from last weekend.... I can't believe how much they have grown!!!

(I just LOVE Cooper's curls!)

finally, a chair shot:

and the big finale on the piano:

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Wendy said...

It was great visiting with you two as well! Wish we were closer, too! Please email these pics (I can't believe I forgot my camera, ugh!).