and, I'm back!

imaginary, but not too far from realistic, conversation a couple of months ago:

other: "Martha, you just got a new job and you have been given the opportunity to go the state conference."
me: "wow! sounds fabulous! I know it is the largest state conference in the nation and should have lots of wonderful workshops and information that will help me to grow professionally. besides, it is always fun to travel, right?"
other: "that's right, Martha! And we are going to be there the whole week! Will that work with your family? I know you have a young child..."
me: "I'm sure I can work something out. This is a fabulous professional opportunity!"
[long pause...]
me: "by the way, where will this state conference be held?"
other: "Fort Worth"
me: "oh."

and that, folks, should have been ALL the information I needed to have a mental preview of what this past week was like.

in the conference's defense, I did get some good information.
but seriously! Fort Worth? In all honesty, I actually really like Fort Worth. It has a lot of history, is pretty laid back, and has a very unique culture. That is why I went there all the time when I was growing up! (we lived quite close...)

but spending 4 nights in a, shall we say, less-than-stellar motel, in a city that you already know pretty well, and having to be away from hubby and little man for that long does not a happy Martha make!

I keeping my fingers crossed for next year's exotic conference location! that's right, folks! Galveston 2009!


Emily said...

Hi friend! long time, no blog! glad your home...i think i'm going through withdrawals. sheariously.

Emily said...

you spelt sheriously wrong.

And my password was Nobori that is funny.hahah


Leslie said...

I was beginning to get worried....glad you made it back safely. Sorry it was in Fort Worth :(