"Martha, how was your day?"

Oh, you know, your typical sleeping-late-from-too-much-fun-on-NYE, making-a-2nd-trip-to-A-town-in-2-days, eating-black-eyed-peas, getting-in-one-last-visit-to-Panda-Express-before-the-resolution-starts, getting-smacked-in-the-eye-by-the-hubby kind of a day.

stop. what?

all you crazies can stop. it was an accident. it went down like this.

hubby watching crap on TV. i request the remote so i can change the channel. hubby throws me the remote. (pause to explain: we are too lazy to actually get up and hand the remote to each other so we throw it back and forth across the living room. hhhmmm... i sense a new resolution coming on...)
anyhoo, hubby's throw is not so good and it smacks me right on the side of my eye. yeah, it's bruised. yeah, it is really swollen.

will we get looks in public? probably. should i approach the on-lookers menacingly and give my very best gangsta "Watcha lookin' at, punk?" speech? probably not.

in hubby's defense, he started the throw in overhand then thought better of himself and switched to underhand. oh, imagine the horror...

and thanks to my girls, Emily and Leslie! Apparently, I speak Spanish all the time!!!


Emily said...

I've got your back...tell Miguel to watch out!

Susan said...

I'm cracking up. Not about the black eye so much, but how you spoke with dignity about being too lazy to get up for the remote. classic.