language development... not quite as far as we thought he was...

So today I was trying to feed the little man his oatmeal for breakfast. (quick! someone tell me I am a good mom! I don't use the sugar-filled instant stuff. We use the plain instant stuff then add applesauce and a little cinnamon. and he usually eats it, go figure! and I have tasted it. and it is NOT good.)

I had stopped for a minute and asked little man if he wanted some more bites. He said emphatically "no". He is actually understanding almost everything we say and can follow compound directions, etc. so I thought that my next question might be interesting.

I asked little man, "Why don't you want any more of your oatmeal?". He paused. for. a. long. time. (or at least it was a long time in toddler-world). finally he said, quite confidently, "hhhhmmmmmm... Santa!"
It was as if he decided, "I have no idea what in the hell this lady is trying to ask me so I will just throw out a word I know. And I'll even put my finger up in the air when I say it to make it extra cute"

I guess we now start to work on the reasoning skills.... :)

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Leslie said...

Haha, so cute! Tell him he has another 11 months before he gets to see the jolly guy again!!