yay Matt!

My little brother did something I don't ever think I could do. He completed the White Rock Marathon in Dallas this past Sunday. We are sooooo proud of you Matt!

We got down to the race route a little earlier that we needed to. We found a spot about 3 or 4 miles from the finish and let's just say that the runners passing us when we got there were "real" runners.
(By the way, Mike DID ask me if there was a way to track Matt on the internet so we could better judge the time we needed to be there. I told him that I didn't think White Rock would have that technology. Jump forward a few hours to a phone conversation with my PARENTS.... "Oh yeah, we have been tracking Matt on the computer - He's about to finish!)

Anyhoo, we tried to amuse the little man as best we could while we waited. It was really quite inspiring to see all these people, some quite athletic looking and some not so much, in so much agony, yet so intent on the finish line!
We did see a few strange characters like this:

It's hard to see people way down the road as they are running in a mob so we looked and waited. looked and waited. then suddenly, right in front of us was Matt:

we even made signs but I forgot to take a picture :(

then, as quickly as he appeared, he was gone. bye, Matt. hope you enjoyed your beer at the finish line!

seriously! so proud I am! (and, yes, that was Yoda-speak!)

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