the Show

well, the little man started "school" this past October, just in time to be a part of the Holiday Show! (by the way, here is his school in case anyone in our area is looking.... we love it!)

He was talking (babbling) all last week about his "show" and let me tell you - this was impressive. Multiple costume changes, choreagraphed dance numbers, so cute! knowing our son and the simple fact that he is barely two, we had nightmare-ish visions of what might occur at the show. crying, screaming, running off stage, the ever popular "nnnooooo" and "miiiiiinnnneee". we strategically sat towards the back so we would not distract the master performer.

(and let me just take a moment to address all the people in this world who are over 6 feet tall:
do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, sit in the middle of the front row at a preschoolers' performance, especially when the performers are 3 feet in front of you, especially when the room is super-tiny and there is nowhere to move and see around you, and ESPECIALLY when you hold up your stupid cellphone during the entire performance to take pictures. seriously - you are in the FRONT ROW - hold the camera/phone/whatever in front of you, not way up high so it blocks the camera angle of every other poor parent behind you with a neck sprain from trying to see around you and your phone!)

I digress, let us continue... I will describe little man's performance like this: "deer in the headlights" (by the way, is that a phrase used outside of Texas?).

There was no crying, no screaming, no running off stage.

There was not any singing or dancing either. (from William, that is. All the other children sang and danced quite nicely)

There WAS, however, lots of standing and lots of looking (on William's part).

In my opinion, a perfectly lovely and successful performance! Here are the highlights:
(Photos have been affected by the poor lighting conditions in the room and the aforementioned GIANT in the front row.) Enjoy!

(and yes, he quite possibly is the cutest thing EVER!)

for the first number, they had little elf hats and jingle bell braclets

song #2 included a Santa Hat

I don't even remember what song #3 was, but little man was very intrigued by all the kiddos around him. her really did go to school every day and was there for every practice. but Miss Maria said that when they were practicing, little man mostly just liked to run around - no wonder he looks as if he has no idea what they are doing!

Why, you might ask, why is everything blury in this picture except the little man? great photo skills? no. all the other kids were MOVING and singing - little man was watching :)

the big finale included the cutest emroidered scarves - and little man didn't try to rip it off his neck!

So, if you actually made it to the end of this way-too-long post, thanks for indulging me! (and Grandmom and GramGram, all those pics are for you!)

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Susan said...

Oh my goodness!! Those pics are adorable. And let me tell you, coming from a 5'1" mom, I'm shouting out the same thing to all those people over 6 feet tall. I mean, COME ON!!