simple reminders

I had a simple reminder from God today about the many blessings he has already bestowed upon my life. I get a little whiny sometimes and I think about all the things that are not right in my world. When, really, in the grand scheme of things, there is nothing I need that I don't already have. My problems and issues are so trivial compared to other things in this world.

The newspaper was JAMMED this morning with all kinds of ads trying to make you think you need this and that to feel complete this Christmas. All over TV are ads wanting you buy-in to the latest fad. Even the internet has all kinds of articles proclaiming to have the best gift ideas for everyone you know. How ironic that the things we need the most are not really things at all?

I have everything I could ever possibly need. So many blessings from God and I don't recognize that often enough. time & people. not stuff & things.

may God help you find a spirit of thankfulness and contentment this holiday season!

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Susan said...

And how easy it is to forget sometimes. I love it when you get smacked right in the face as to how lucky your life truly is.