call me June Cleaver

Every evening in our house is like this:

(Well, actually, tonight Mike came home to me eating pizza that had arrived just 10 minutes beforehand and trying to cram peas and macaroni and cheese into little man's mouth - he also mentioned that he could hear me all the way out at his car. Little man and I were having a "discussion" about how he did not want to eat what I had prepared. And by prepared, I mean microwaved. oh, and the dog in that picture...we have two and they would be all over everything. and if anyone actually cheered when I served food, I would actually fall over and die from a heart attack!)


And then, after dinner, it's always like this:

(Well, actually, I told Mike tonight that I thought there was some leftover Halloween candy in the pantry somewhere. Either that or the rest of the goody bag from the birthday party little man went to last weekend)


And finally, after little man goes to bed, this is always the scene on our back porch

(Well, actually, Mike is in PJs watching the Stars game and I, also in PJs, am here, at the computer. I thought about laundry and then decided no. I thought about dishes and then decided no.)

Happy Wednesday! (thanks to this fun girl for the pictures)

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Susan said...

Oh my. Yes, that's it. That's how my house is too. Yep! PS...Steamfresh veggies: best invention EVER!!!! You must purchase in frozen section if you have not done so already!