a diagnosis...

I am diagnosing a new disease that surely others suffer from as well. possibly similar to postpartum, but I am calling it post-advent. (and before anyone gets all cranky, I am not in the least bit actually comparing post-Christmas blues to postpartum - just making a connection)

yes, I am in my post-Christmas funk.... I feel "eeewwwww".

Here are the things that need to be done:
~ a shower for me
~ a vacuumed floor - seriously disgusting!
~ all the Christmas gifts put away
~ laundry
~ last but not least.... a nap by the little man would be GREAT! (it is 6pm and he has slept, oh, maybe an hour today. as I write, he is yelling "MAMA" and banging on the office door. is it bad that I don't go open it up? and yes, Mike is in the family room with him. it's not like i would leave him unattended. ha!)

there will definitely be some alone time in my future this evening. hmmmm..... Sunday night. not exactly the most happening night of the week. however, i have, more than once, roamed the aisles at Wal-Mart with my Starbucks just to get away for a bit. and you know you have done the same thing too!

and I get to be a stay-at-home mom for a week before I go back to work on the 5th - any tips/ideas to entertain the little man and myself? one can only watch sesame street for so long before the "too much TV" guilt starts to creep in...

on a bright note.... I DID get all the indoor christmas decorations put away yesterday.
now, all that remains is the bare tree inside and the outdoor lights. Mike said he might get to it next weekend. sigh. maybe the ladder and I will become good friends tomorrow...

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