Crazy goes out to eat

let me just throw this out there....

When in a restaurant, and you ask for an extra napkin because you have used your own to make a temporary bib for you toddler son who, while feeding himself beans and rice, has managed to get it EVERYWHERE, it is normal for the waitress to bring you a cute little stack of paper cocktail napkins and say with an oh-so-perky voice, "Here ya go!"?
Is it normal to say in a restaurant, "no, not THOSE napkins. I need a real napkin. thanks."

Is it normal for the people sitting behind you to say, quite loudly so all can hear, when you get your food, "They got our food. That's what we ordered and we were here before them!"

Is it normal for the waitress to bring out the food, then 5 minutes later bring out the bowl you need to actually serve the food to your toddler?

Is it normal for a waitress to directly look at your glass of water that has had only one sip taken out of it and earnestly ask, "Would you like a refill?"

Is it normal to say, "Honey, you defnitely better do this!" when the bill comes and you know if you even LOOK at the line that says "gratuity" you might actually yell across the restaurant, "SERIOUSLY!!"

It is a good thing that I absolutely LOVE the food at Desperado's because otherwise..... well, let's just not go there.

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