To The Lady Who Re-Heated Fish in the Microwave...

To the Lady Who Re-Heated Fish in the Microwave... at work!,

I'll keep this short and sweet. Unless you are in the privacy of your home, there is absolutely NO GOOD REASON to reheat fish.

You say you're hungry? I have some pretzels.
You're trying to be healthy? I have pretzels.
You're trying to save $$ and bring your lunch? Again, pretzels.

This act become especially heinous when the microwave is in a kitchenette right next to a certain young, short, & fabulous gal's desk so she gets the brunt of the stench while you take your reheated fish wayyyyyy down the hall to your private office.

OK, let's recap. No fish. Thanks!

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Amanda said...

Oh, I soooo relate! Three of the other engineers in my office eat either: canned tuna, canned salmon, or canned chicken everyday for lunch (it's men on a health kick thing), and have been doing this for almost two years, and they drain the 'juice' off in our sink in the middle of the Engineering Department, and NOW the kicker is that they have all decided, jointly I guess, that they need to heat up there canned meat in our Engineering Department microwave (again, in the middle of the department office). When I was pregnant it was horrible. Anyway, us ladies had a good laugh at your post just now! We can totally relate!