a comeback, but not for real....

So, I sit here at 11:25 pm, really needing to go to bed, but I had to write this out.

This little bloggy-thingy is definitely a reflection of my current mood/temperament/fatigue level, whatever those might be.

Well tonight, I may have reached a new low.
I was needing to put a few groceries in the fridge and realized that a few things must come OUT of the fridge before the new things could go in. (For some reason, we accumulate leftovers.)

Preface: I gave up years ago on real plastic storage containers. Anything we have now is the disposable, Gladware stuff.

Y'all, I just threw the old stuff away. in the containers. at this point, it is worth my $3.00 to NOT clean out old gross food.

at least my tombstone can say, "she was keepin' it real"

respectfully yours,

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