At the pediatrician yesterday, R was SUPPOSED to have his 15 month check-up.
{We got the check-up and vaccinations, but also came away with a double ear infection diagnosis and an antibiotic prescription.}

At the pediatrician yesterday, W was SUPPOSED to have his hearing rechecked after he failed his hearing screening at his 4 yr check-up and fluid was found in his ear.
{He had been sick all weekend and so the hearing test didn’t happen. Instead, he got a flu test (negative, thank goodness!), a double ear infection diagnosis, and an antibiotic prescription}

2 children
4 infected ears
2 antibiotic prescriptions
2 shots (vaccines for R)
2 probable ENT referrals (we will recheck ears in 3 weeks)
2 probable sets of tubes

And while we are talking about things to make our life a little easier, let’s discuss the antibiotics. I LOVE our pediatrician and I know this is the way medicine goes, but it just doesn’t make sense to me:
- the boys are on two different antibiotics
- one has to be refrigerated; the other can’t be refrigerated;
- one is given twice a day; the other is given once a day;
- the dosing for each is 6ml (something the same!); but you know how much the dosing syringe holds? yup. 5ml. nice. reload.

So when W was still running a decent fever last night and I was hacking up all kinds of nastiness (remnants from my weekend cooties), it was decided that I would stay home with W today. Today is Feb. 8. Between the ice, snow, and cooties, he has not been to school since Jan. 31.

The good news? It is supposed to snow and ice again tonight. bring it.

P.S. Everything else checked out great for R at his check-up. Dr. Poole was impressed by his verbal (i.e. shrieking and yelling and pointing) skills. He is 15% for weight, 35% for height, and 75% for his head. Remember when he looked like this?!?!

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