making dinner and attending a birthday party - wow!

So William and I were discussing Christmas on the way to school this morning. I was trying to explain a little more about the whole "reason for the season", thinking that he might be able to understand a little more.

I was telling him that Christmas is Jesus's birthday. That was a little confusing - both concepts of "a long time ago" and "far, far away" are not fully grasped by an almost 3-yr. old. I went on to explain more that Jesus helps us and all the wonderful things we have are from him.

this is where it gets good...
After hearing the part where Jesus helps us, William promptly informed me that Jesus could help us make dinner.
And the part about all the nice things we have are from him - well, he told me that Jesus could come to his birthday party!

now I'm not saying I expect to see the Holy Spirit appear as I stand next to the stove tonight (or drive through for take out - let's be real!), but it is a nice reminder that Jesus is with us wherever we go and in whatever we are doing!

love that sweet boy! Happy Tuesday!