what parent in their right mind...

... would EVER think it would be "fun" for their kid to have these shoes?!?! And as far as removing the squeaker goes (read on, my friends!), don't we all have the time and patience to chase down a toddler, remove their shoes, remove a part from such shoes, and put shoes on again?

This in an actual product I came across in an e-mail - so crazy!

Squeak Me Shoes

Squeak Me Shoes are high quality, comfortable and flexible squeaky shoes with non-skid soles. They are designed for babies and toddlers and are lots of fun for both parents and children. They are fully lined with a very soft genuine leather, and the uppers are made of composition leather. Squeak Me Shoes encourage proper “heel to toe” walking in early walkers and parents can hear where their children are at all times. For those quiet times, the squeaker can be removed by an adult and reinserted later to squeak once again.


Emily said...

Okay, i have actually witnessed these "amazing" shoes in action...and when I asked the parent how they got roped into buying them their response was (suprisingly)that they loved them...it helped them hear their kid when in public and find them when they were in a large group or crowd. To which I wondered how their child hadn't gotten snatched by a baby-stealer since the parent obviously kept such a good eye on their child. And then I realized that no baby-stealer would want a kid with such obnoxious shoes. So, sorta genious.

PS- Eli DOES NOT want a pair of these. Thanks though!

Zoe-D said...

I don't know what you're talking about. I think these are awesome! I want a pair for Leo but just haven't done it.