yeah, we did it too...

... seems like the new "do-it-or-you're-a-bad-parent" thing to do is a trip to the pumpkin patch before Halloween. Oh yeah, we went. With our 2-WEEK-OLD BABY! (actually, it went pretty well)

A visual (and slightly verbal) summary for your pleasure

what William did:

what Ryan did:

what William did:

(Ryan was sleeping on the hay ride)

what William did:

are you getting the picture that he ran around crazy for most of the time? it was hard to get a face-shot!

(Ryan was sleeping)

what William did:

who knew that climbing a small mountain of pumpkins could keep a kid entertained for 20 minutes?

(yeah, Ryan was still sleeping)

what William did:

finally, Ryan did something!:

the LAST thing William did:

Do we get our parenting prize now? ha!

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