mo’ mobility, mo’ problems!

R is a walker… when he wants to. Seriously, this kid will go all the way across the room at his school and the minute I try and get him to do it, he’ll take a couple of steps and then just fall.

Mike got some video of it on his phone and it is on his FB profile. {wow, I sound totally tech-savvy}. at this point, you have to go see it there – sorry.

Apparently, R is of the opinion that his new-found mobility options should also transfer to the bathtub. I am going to have to disagree. This kid was up and down and trying to cruise all over the bathtub tonight. Oh, and he KNOWS what “sit down” means because he does it. Until he doesn’t want to anymore. And then he just grins at you and stand up again.

sigh. this is going to be the crazy kid. you know the one. W was the cautious kid. R is the whatever is opposite of that. When you hold him and he decides he wants down, he basically dive bombs {arms flailing, sharp bend at the waist} out of your arms. I can’t tell you how many times I really thought he was going to fall to the floor! And when you are sitting and holding him face to face, he will suddenly rear his head back and fall backwards. and then laughs. like it is sooooo funny that he nearly bit it onto the hard floor.

Love you, sweet boy!

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