… to do a better job with this! The boys are full grown and have left the house and mike and I have retired {not really, but it might as well have been that long!}

Some MINOR recent events in the Life of Preston:

Ryan turned 1:

The Rangers had an awesome season!

William turned 4:

and oh yeah, Christmas:

If I get time, I’ll go back and post pictures from the past, oh, 6 months. But I am not going to make any promises. I tend to not do as well when I am trying to “catch-up”.

But I AM going to be updating much more often (every day? gasp!) – so stay tuned!

We really have had a wonderful fall and holiday season. Our little family is growing so fast and if I stop to long to dwell on it, I get a little sad. But I must live in the moment, because they really are wonderful moments!

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