finally, there is SOMETHING on the wall!

No, it couldn't hang in the Met or even at MoMA, but I am proud of myself....

as a reminder, here is before:

now here is after:

(I even used a level to hang the crazy things - that is exactly how serious I was about this project!)


Nicole said...

It looks great! What a good idea, I can totally see my sister using this one. She has very modern taste and I think she would love it.

Erin Peterson said...

I love it! Will you please come over and decorate our new house? :)We need those "finishing touches." I'd love to hear how you did those. Did you use a stencil or freehand the design? Is it on a normal art canvas? Your creativity inspires me! Give me a call sometime. We're settled in and would love to get together!!!

PS I love seeing pictures of William. It is shocking to me how much of a Middleton he is. Sorry Mike!