So I haven't felt very "bloggy" lately. Just not a whole lot to say. And you can guess I feel about talking just to hear yourself talk... Anyhoo, I have some pictures of my office (well, mostly a cubicle; no I take that back - it is actually an extra-wide hallway with an L-shaped desk against one wall) that I will have to post tomorrow. Remember this project? It made its' way to my home-away-from-home.

Will is totally developing a sense of humor and is just plain F-U-N to be with (except when he is whiny - definitely NOT f-u-n). He finally put together a 2-word phrase (mas leche = more milk).

Mike is finally done with his spurt of 60-hour work weeks and boy, am I glad!

Work is blah. house cleaning, laundry, dishes, blah, blah, blah.

I have decided that my creative energy comes in spurts. frustrating, extremely frustrating.

bright spot (besides my crazy little man!): weather here this week is fabulous! low to mid-80s and sunshine, lots of sunshine. I actually rode around today with my windows down! If the temps crawl back into the 90s, I think I might just move to Colorado. hee hee

Can you believe that this...

... has turned into this in just 21 months?

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