wait! are those.... curtains?

why, yes, they are! (well, sort of)

this poor window is in the front room of our house and is now also our TV room. It lets in so much wonderful light that I never wanted to put blinds on it. Also, one end of the window is directly above the hearth so curtains would never be able to hang straight. So there it was. A lovely, but un-loved window. Enter the world of "mistreatments". Seriously, my life will never be the same! I do NOT have the patience, knowledge, time, or money for luxurious window treatments. And even if I did, the rest of my house would be so sad and jealous that I put that much time, effort, and money into window treatments. That said, I needed somthing homey, quick, and inexpensive.

I don't have a very good before picture, but here is a picture from Will's b-day party last year.

So I purchased two tablecloths (wait, did she just say tablecloths? yes, yes I did!). I folded them over lengthwise so a small flap was left hanging in the front and tacked those suckers up on the wall with upholstery tacks (uh huh, that's right, upholstery tacks). I "poofed" out the sections between the tacks so it wasn't completely flat against the wall. a little Hobby Lobby fringe that was on sale, and ta-da! window mistreatments!

I had wanted to do fringe on them when I first purchased them but I was NOT going to spend a lot of $$ to put fringe on a tablecloth so I waited for a big sale. In the mean time, they hung quite nicely for a couple of weeks without fringe. Then, being simply too lazy to take them down to glue the fringe on, I just stood on the back of the couch, hot glue gun in hand, and went to town! (actually, I was worried that if I took them down, I would never put them back up again)

next up - the dining room! here is a sneak peak "before" picture...

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